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I had a binge day!

I had a bad day yesterday...I am such an emotional eater and compulsive it is terrible.....I had an upsetting day yesterday and what did I do...eat!!! I cant go off Weight watchers for 1 minute..that first bite...makes you crazy...I was on Jenny Craig for a while now just started Weight Watchers and having a hard time..I got so used to JC since evrything was measured and organized for me...I still have 40 lbs to lose...BUT I am starting from scratch again ....today is a new day..I am not giving in to temptation....I have come to far....Gia :)
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I had a horrible binge day yesterday.  It happens to everyone.  The important thing is not to let a binge day become a binge month.  That's when it all goes to h*ll.

I know you're doing Flex.  I started on Flex too, to get an idea of portion sizes and to learn about the points system.  But it wasn't until I started Core that I really got a handle on my own issues.

Core or Flex, the Good Health Guidelines are the same.  Try following them BEFORE taking that first bite of something not on program.

2-3 dairy servings a day
Get enough LEAN protein
Include whole grains in your diet
Avoid alcohol
MINIMUM of 5 fruits and veggies a day
2 tsps heart healthy oil a day
8 glasses of water a day

This explains each on in detail


Tell yourself you won't eat something off program unless and until you've completed your guidelines for the day.
I wish I had followed my own advice yesterday.  But today is a new day, I'm determined again.

Its a battle for life.  Literally.  
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As to emotional eating--its a big problem for me, too.

The first thing I did was to become an emotional SPENDER.  Usually, its my DH that upsets me.  When he does, I get my purse and go shopping.  What I get depends on how badly he upset me.  A small "offense" might get me a new shirt or just something I wouldn't ordinarily buy.  A large offense--well, lets just say I've gotten a sapphire bracelet AND necklace.  

He's learning to be nicer, if for no other reason that its costing him money to **** me off.

Lately though, I go to the gym when he upsets me, or if something is troubling me.  I work off my anger there.  I feel better, and the cost is minimal (my gym is about $40 a month).

Good luck!
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Thanks for the advice ..I relly appreciate it....Today is a new day for me...I am starting over..how crazy things are when your food is not in order..either is your head!!! But I am determined not to let one bad day ruin everything...Thanks for being there...Gia
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