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Weekly weight loss goals

So, what are your goals this week?  Sometimes it helps to get it out there.  I plan to eat a healthy, balanced diet Monday through Friday----  minimizing all the things I love.  :>)  I bought a bottle of my favorite salad dressing and hadn't had it in a while.  It's "lite" but you know, it's way too good to be that light.  I can put it on a plate and eat it all by itself!  So, my goal is to not have any of it until next Saturday.  I can do it!  I also want to not eat from 7 pm on until the next day at 7 am at the earliest.  I want to add one extra vegetable serving a day!  (I'm still 4 and have to make myself eat vegetables).

Exercise---  I want to walk/ light job 3 x, do my exercise class of boot camp 2 x, lift light weights 2 x.  

I can do it!!  

What are your goals?!  Share and be accountable!
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I'll just roll with this all by myself then.  :>)  I flubbed yesterday and didn't make it out to walk.  It was a rainy, cold day.  Normally I still go but my get up and go was gone.  I did some housecleaning with many trips hauling stuff up and down stairs, does that count?  Now I have to add in a work out on Saturday or Sunday, my usual days off.  But otherwise, it's been good.  Not over eating and sticking to the plan.  

How's it going for you?  (whoever you are)
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My goals this week, are to do my cardio  and directed workout every day. What I mean by directed is I do my cardio then I work on a specific area, legs,arms,etc.
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Mom, I didn't go to the gym last night.  Finally gave in to the pain, and I was in an auto accident.  Got to do something so I can stop all this physical therapy the docs got me on just so I can keep going.  But I wish one thing for you, with all my heart, and that is, be easier on yourself about this.  Your normal metabolism will not change with a binge or a brief stoppage, it takes time to change it.  You're fine.
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