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Does walking and running help reduce weight loss. What is used to relieve belly what  
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Cardiovascular exercises such as walking.running.aerobics.do abdominal exercises to strengthen your core..Google " exercises to improve core strength". Also, please incorporate with monitoring your white carbohydrate intaKe..good luck..
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Of course.  To burn calories - move, move, move.  Avoid sitting.  Dance to music.  Do yard work and gardening.  Walk your neighborhood or if weather is bad, walk at the mall.  Go to a park and challenge yourself with trails.  Walk with a friend.  Use light weights or elastic bands to firm muscles.  As muscles come back to life, you burn more calories with aerobic exercises.  Don't forget to find exercises that work on balance.  Lunges and squats are very important to any exercise program as they work the big muscles.  Hold your abs flat when doing exercises.  Don't do old-fashioned situps as they are not good.  Get a Pilates ball and go on Youtube to see how to use it.  

Don't meander slowly when you walk, and don't think that just walking around at work is the same as focusing and covering ground briskly with your head up, walking tall, swinging your arms and pushing off with your toes.  Work it.  
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The only exercise that actually increases weight loss significantly is running. However - walking helps focus your diet regime and helps you stay motivated to lose weight. In fact, Exercise Physiologist James Hill in Denver, has found that those who lose 50 # and who keep it off over 2 years are different than those who don't keep it off do so only by virtue of daily exercise - and for most that daily exercise is walking - about 45-60 minutes daily.  And I know from personal experience that walking every day may not burn the weight off, but it makes mea lot less likely to eat one of the donuts that someone brings in to work!
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Thanks everyone
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I disagree that running is the only exercise that increases weight loss.  I've lost weight with walking briskly for an hour daily.  I've also lost weight in the past, with yoga and other forms of exercise.  Anything that keeps you moving will burn calories and that's the goal.
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I walk at least five days a week and I have lost over eighty pounds. I count calories and drink lots of water.
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Congratulations on losing 80 lbs; that's quite an accomplishment.

I agree with the calorie counting and drinking lots of water.
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I walked for first month and moved on to skipping rope been on a steady fat burning regime I skip in the morning after a meal and every night I wake up feeling thinner every day
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I am 67 kg and I want to lose weight up to 54 kg I need help how to do this is any one able to help me ??
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