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hi.. im been trying to loose weight.. I've been trying to eat better n im working out 4/5 days a week.. my question is.. is it bad thing to just do the whole juicing thing for one week.. nothing but that n working out? Ooh ya im also going to be starting some diet pills on Monday as well..
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Neither juicing nor diet pills are the best way to lose weight.  You need adequate nourishment for your body and drinking only juice will not give you enough of everything you need, particularly, protein.  

It's much better to eat whole fruits and veggies than it is to do the juice, because when you eat whole fruits and veggies, you're getting all the fiber as well, which helps keeps you feeling fuller and helps promote better digestion.

Diet pills are not meant for long term use, and most often the weight comes right back, once you stop taking them, if you don't implement a healthy diet, along with them.  Juicing, alone, does not constitute a healthy diet.
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Okay thank you for all that information..
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