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2yr old boxer out of heat red blood in urine after playing in dog park?

  Our adopted 2.5yr old boxer/husky mix girl goes in to be spayed in two days because it will have been 10 weeks since her heat cycle started.  She was just playing hard at the dog park (she was submissive and ended up rolling around on her back a lot) with two neutered boys when she squatted to pee and I saw bright red blood come out.  She then acted like she had to urinate a few more times and we just brought her home.

  She hasn't been frequently urinating recently, in fact her only other symptom was some new hacking/coughing over the past 48 hours.  We have put pressure all along her lower abdomen and she doesn't get upset.  Her gums are pink.  She did lick her lower abdomen and leg for a bit after we got home.  

  Any ideas?
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Hello & welcome.....First, She needs to be checked for a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)......These are very common and need to be treated with oral antibiotics before they end up as Bladder or Kidney Infections.......While there, I'd inquire about the possibility of Kidney/Bladder Stones.....They also will produce blood in the urine.......Good luck & let us know what you find out.......Karla

P.S. Thank you for adopting.......
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I would call the vet and see if you can move that appointment up and have it all checked out at once. A couple weeks time won't make a difference on the spaying.
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Thank you!  When I took her in for the spay they did a urine culture and she did have a UTI.  They gave me Clavamox.  We did treat it as one over the weekend, giving her cranberry juice with her water and two baby aspirins.  I didn't know that baby aspirins were also a no no for dogs, I guess they can cause GI bleeds.  Anyway, the two were enough to delay the spay (she's still thanking me) due to problems with blood clotting and we rescheduled.  They also said licking the vulva is a sign of the UTI.  I'm relieved it was nothing more serious.
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