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7 yr female peed my bed

She's 7 years, toy mix breed, and tonight while in bed we noticed a wet stain, smelled like urine.  She has never done this before.  She typically sleeps next to me.  I was on the bed reading when I think it occurred, but cannot be sure.  It's hard to catch her in the act because she is so small.  If there is a rug or carpet, she will pee on it rather than go outside, so we have eliminated almost all soft flooring in the house.  Might that be why she picked the bed?    The only thing out of the ordinary today is she was groomed.  Any help is appreciated.  We have to keep a doggie door for our other dog because he has a diabetic issue and has to be able to go out frequently.  I could go back and crate train her, but at seven years, won't that traumatise her?  
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Hi. If it happens again, get a vet to check things out, just in case this "accident" is linked to a physical problem occurring. My opinion, for what it's worth, is to avoid allowing her to sleep in your bed. It could be she is scenting, particularly after the grooming, or that it was simply an accident. As you have already said she tends to pee on any carpets or rugs you have (had) in your house, I think this is actually more a behavioural issue - and the answer is to start house-training her right from the start again, as you would a new puppy. You shouldn't need to crate her for this, just make sure she is let out once an hour, supervise her, then when she pees outside, give her lots of praise. Keep repeating this process over a few days and she will get the message. Of course, it's vital you always let her out first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed - and don't let her back in until she has had a pee. Then, praise, praise, praise.

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