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CCL tear with complications

Seven days ago my 15 year old Cocker Spaniel had a maxillectomy (4 teeth and a small amount of bone) to treat a reoccurring oral melanoma. The surgery was successful with no complications. She has been recovering well and peacefully with the aide of a pain patch. The night before this surgery she tore her left CCL while chasing a squirrel. Her surgeon confirmed the torn CCL prior to the maxillectomy. Now we are faced with the decision of how to best treat the CCL tear on a geriatric dog who has just had a major surgery. Do you have any suggestions and recommendation regarding alternative treatments, such an orthopedic brace?
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Veterinary Medicine is changing it's views on ACL/CCL tears in SMALL dogs.....The new line of thinking is that they DO NOT need repaired, but can heal just as well on their own.....

Now, if this is could be a Patellar Luxation, then it would require surgery...

I have done both surgery &/or no surgery on torn ACLs/CCLs.....They seem to heal fine either way......Mine (All cases) were restricted from doing more damage for 4 weeks....In our case a knee brace was not used, but I think a sturdy wrap is helpful.....

Mine also received Acupuncture for pain & Laser therapy to heal the tissue faster & control inflammation.....Worked every time!!!!  We've had 4 so far!!!!  Karla
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Thank you for your insight. We saw our Vet today, who suggested laser therapy and acupuncture as well as a orthopedic brace. It is good to know that you have had success. Thanks again!
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Great news...Keep us updated and your welcome.....I would like info. on your orthopedic brace when you have time......Thanks so much, Karla
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