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Cheek Swollen/Draining after Abscessed Tooth removed

My 9 yr old just had 2 teeth removed, one abscessed, the other cracked. The abscessed tooth was swollen under her eye and drained from her gums. During the surgery they flushed it out and the swelling went down. When we picked her up, the area was swollen again. The vet was surprised but gave us antibiotics, pain meds and anti inflams for her. After the meds, she still had the swelling and it was draining again from her mouth (at times if it got really big it would drain clear fluid but it was majority of the time it was blood). The vet gave her a dose of strong antibiotics for 1 week to see if it  helped as he thought that the abscess caused a pocket of inection, it didn't so we brought her back in to open her cheek and remove any infection. When he opened her cheek, he did not see any infection but thick tissue so he removed it and left an open incision to allow it to drain. 3 days later (today) and the incision closed and her cheek is swollen again with drainage from her gum. The vet suggested to place a drainage tube in her cheek for a week and if that doesn't work to remove all of the tissue. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have. I hate that my senior is going through this, she is in overall good health and her energy level hasn't been down at all through any of this.
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I can't second guess your vet, sounds like the vet is working with you on the problem.

We have 9 year old (est) Westie that had an abscessed tooth, a large double one near the back of the jaw, removed about a year ago and he had no problems such as you describe.  My only point is neither the age of the dog nor the operation raises any "red flags" in my experience.

Maybe someone else reading posts has worked through a similar problem.

Wishing a quick resolution/healing.
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thanks for your response. it appears that the skin created a pocket to protect it from the infection. the pocket was rather large, close to her bone. i'm heading to pick my boogs up now. praying that she is done w/surgeries!
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