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Does your dog have bronchitis and\or coughing and hacking?

Our dog has been coughing and hacking for almost a year. We've taken him to the vet, who diagnosed him with Bronchitis. We've given him rounds and rounds of meds to no avail. I'm starting to think it's due to him sleeping in our service porch with the washer and dryer. (fiber\dust) Do you have a dog with bronchitis and if so, what if anything, cured him?
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No, I have never had that.  Poor pup!  What about an air purifier on the porch with him or changing where he sleeps?  It's worth a try.  Corticosteriods are often what is given to a dog to reduce inflammation in the airway, so that's something they can try as well.  
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Thank you. We've already changed where he sleeps but I think the damage is done. We are going to look into the inhaler meds. thanks for the tip!
So there's been no change. 4 vets and many meds later, he’s getting worse. We’re hoping that someone has seen these symptoms before and can advise a cure or treatment? See the video and thank you. 

Did they X-ray throat area?  Colapsong trach?   My dog does same and has above. Was put on theophylline suspension to help.
Yes, they X-ray'd his entire body. And he was prescribed the T  Suspension. Did it help your dog immediately? Maybe we didn't keep him on it long enough. He's been on the following. thanks!

Panacur suspension
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