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Dog Conjunctivitis

We are in the process of transitioning an autism assistance dog into our family for our DD. He recently started having discharge from his eyes and they looked pretty irritated. I brought him to the vet and they said it was definitely pink eye and gave him some eye ointment. I find it so odd to put ointment in an eye...he doesn't seem to care though. Do you think he'll have allergies like this every year? He is a 2 year old labradoodle.
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Hi!  You responded to a thread of mine regarding my 18 month old daughter being evaluated for autism.  I've noticed you post pretty frequently about your own daughter so I was sort of picking  your brain by reading your posts when I came across this one.  

i'm guessing your dog's eyes are cleared up by now or close to it?  Sounds like you recently brought this guy into your home?  A lot of dogs catch pink eye and other infections/illnesses from other dogs so if he was being kept at a kennel/training facility before you brought him home then that's probably where he got it.  Time will tell if he does have allergies but i'm guessing that the ointment you got is anti-bacterial and if it was allergies then the ointment wouldn't have any effect.  Take care, I hope he's doing better by now.
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Thanks for the compliment, Evie! Our new dog did not come from a kennel, he was raised by a family who trains service dogs and well trained pets. I think it was just the exposure to new allergens that made his eyes have this reaction. He also has a rare condition where his inner eye lid rolled a little so a surgeon is gonna have to remove that. It is also causing some irritation. Thanks for the answer!
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