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Dog allergies

My 2-year-old griffon mix, Charlie, suffers from often allergies for the past year. Our vet suspects environmental factors. Charlie is also allergic to the calaazar vaccination. Our vet says that the only thing we (and he) can do is give him antihistamine shots when an allergy shows up. Is there a way to balance his immune system through a specific diet? Would it help, at least indirectly, his reactions to allergies?
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Hi. Most dog allergies are from food. I would certainly concentrate on that first, before looking at other possibilities. Whatever you have been feeding for the last year may be significant. If it's a canned food, check the ingredients, make a list of them and start finding alternative pet foods (without one or more of the ingredients you've listed). This can be a very long and tiresome task as you need to give several weeks between each change to see if there's a change of effect, but sooner or later, you'll find the ingredient that's causing the problem.

If you're feeding dry food - my bet is it's the dry food, full stop. Change (slowly over several days) to high-quality canned.

I have a couple of articles I wrote about these two subjects which you ought to have a read of:



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Thank you very much, the second article is really interesting actually. I'll follow your advice and see how it goes.
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My pleasure.

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Hi Tony, Jan here...THANKS SO MUCH for the information
on 'Allergies for Nich95,"I did read your articles,excellent (!)
great information that may help my Harley.
I went online to read in "Greentripe.com" they sell ground,
raw tripe and other products,I'm thinking the tripe may also
help Harley? I went on Amazon where they offer canned
tripe but wonder if the cooking decreases the value of the
I know I am always thinking of ways to help this guy with
his scratching/itching( which I have now found he is doing
a lot less of 6 weeks post Dexamethasone/steroids) and I
thought this was weird as it was given FOR his allergies?
Sometimes best laid plans are a bugger!
So HUGE THANKS,you do so much,trying to help all of
the fur kids with kidney issues and wa-la,I come here to
find you have great information on "allergies" also so I'm
so greatful to you for this...
PS... I don't know IF it would help also but I had a orphan
fawn last summer I raised for 6 months,I had her on goat's
milk prior to teaching her to eat also continued when she
was in our pasture.
I am going back to Lorie and buy more goats milk as a
added supliment for Harley,goats milk has natural anit-
biotics and is pasturized right out of the goat,Ben and I
will also be drinking it again.
HAVE AN AWSOME DAY and again,appreciate all you
do as well as all the hard efforts you and others do to
ease the problems,helping folks on the Kidney Group.

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Hi. Thank you for your kind words. I am an advocate of green tripe. The tinned varieties are fine, but frozen blocks are better (some pet stores now sell these). I use it for my dogs from time to time, and part cook it.

I was wondering about goat milk ... does it contain lactose? If it does, then this could be another possible allergic trigger - and a very common one in dogs that have allergies to other things. I would tend to research this some more before giving it, just in case.

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