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Dog suffering from Chronic kidney failure

My dog hashu is 12 years old female. She was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure 2 weeks back when her creatinine was 8.
Last we checked her creatinine level was 14 on the 18th January
Currently she has become very weak. She only gets up to pass urine and motions. Since last night she is unable to get up for that as well. Her gums are bleeding - started last night. Breathlessness - started last night.

Currently she has not passed urine or motion since yesterday afternoon but her bladder is full since I keep feeding her food and water with a syringe.
She hasn't thrown up.

We are giving her the following medication :

1) epikatin
2) arsenicum
3) renal essentials
4) saline - once a day

Will start the Azodyl tonight as it wasn't available on my city so had to call for it from another city

I have been feeding her chicken and greens for the last 3 days with a syringe before that I was feeding her hill Kd.

What should be my next step ?
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I hate to say this, but you need to have her put to sleep. She is in so much pain and agony, and she can't tell you. She is only getting worse, and it would be better to put her to sleep, instead of letting her suffer the way she is.
The vets office, normally will not tell you this, because as long as they are 'treating' her, they're making money.
It is one of the hardest things you will ever do, but do what is best for her.
Dogs are like people, with some of the same physical problems. Sounds like her body has given out. Do you really want your baby to suffer until she passes? Do what is right for the dog, not yourself.
In the last 2 &1/2 yrs. I had to put 2 of my fids to sleep, and Thanksgiving morning I was sort of prepared to do it again, but my baby had a major stroke on the way into the vets office and passed away. I wish I would have done it the week before, but I had the false illusion he would get better. He got worse, and worse. It has been a couple of months, but I still feel horrible for letting him suffer as long as he did, because I wasn't prepared to let him go.
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Will the Azodyl not help her ? She passed motion in the morning and she has not thrown up her food.
She passed away today morning. Thank you for your advise.
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Hi. When you say you are giving saline, do you mean by mouth or subcutaneously using a needle and syringe? Your dog really needs emergency IV Fluids now, given by a vet, probably over a 3 day period. This is really the only possible chance of making any improvement. It may not work, but it is the best option at this stage. All the other supplements are inconsequential for now.

If you want more information or more support or have other questions, please join the CHRONIC KIDNEY FAILURE IN DOGS User Group here on MedHelp.

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She left us today morning.
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I am so sorry for your loss. You did everything you could, but sometimes the disease has just progressed too far or wasn't diagnosed early enough for any treatment to have any effect.

Run free Hashu.

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The sad part is tony here in India there are very few options. Diagnosis takes time , medicines are not available. She waited for really long. By the time we figured the treatment ( I got in touch with a holistic veterinarian in the US who helped us. Most of the medicines she prescribed were not available here or not heard of ) it was too late. She tried but could not hold on for too long.

She is my daughter and I miss her. Wish I had more knowledge and could help her earlier.
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Hashu was so lucky to have been loved and cared for by
you for those 12 years. They
do mold themselves to fit in
our hearts,becoming a part
of us and our lives in every
I feel your pain in your words
you did all you could to help
Hashu and she knew this. I
the loss of your fur child.
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Grief takes it's own good time. Although some people (those that don't have dogs) don't understand, people here certainly do understand. It's hard and it's painful to lose a family member. Our dogs are our companions, our friends, our loyal and trusted confidants. I empathise completely and feel your heartache. In time, you will remember the many happy years you gave Hashu and the shorter sad end of her life will fade. You did everything you could, so be proud of the fact she had you in her life to care, love and look after her.
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