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Dog with stage 4 kidney failure

Good Day Everyone , I am writing in with regards to my 12 year old JRT diagnosis of stage 4 kidney failure just yesterday . The ultrasound scans of his kidneys are truly horrify , it has shrunken to a size that is not even recognisable .  For now , he is pretty much sleeping more then usual , he does enjoy his walks but problem is his appetite. He can be eating nothing but just drinking milk for 2 days straight .

I am not an dog expert whatsoever and this is my first dog , for those people whose dog that has kidney failures , please advise me what is the sign and symptoms of the absolute end . I just need to be well prepared when the time comes , everything just went downhill yesterday after the diagnosis . He is now being caged up and is on Iv drips and the next 3 days will decide how are things going to go on after a new blood test is carried out .

For now , i just want to know how to prepare myself for the absolute worst .. I hope anyone with similar experiences chip in especially what is their expected life expectancy and symptoms of the absolute end ..
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Hi Cheesekoh-a few days ago my 15&1/2 year old shihtzu started vomiting and had diarrhea. She stopped eating and drinking and no matter what we did we couldn't get her to even take a tiny amount of any of her favorites. We took her to the vet on Monday Oct 5th and vet speculated kidney failure but took some blood work and gave her subq fluid and sent her home with us. It was my daughters birthday the same day and my Bella perked up, ate a little, drank some water and layed in the middle of the kitchen watching everyone and enjoying her family. That evening she slept almost 13 hours and on October 6th wouldn't eat-seemed disoriented-couldn't seem to drink from her water bowl, paced a lot, started shaking , peeing wherever she was standing and was passing a lot of mucous. I tried to make her comfortable and put her little jacket on her and wrapped her in a blanket. She finally slept and when the vet called after lunch and confirmed kidney failure I was heartbroken. My family and I talked about treatment and weighed what was best for Bella-not for us-who didn't want to let her go. We decided it was time and had given us her final evening at the birthday dinner but was tired and unwell. My husband and I took her to her vet and she passed that night in our arms. I cannot tell you how much pain I am in but I know 100% that I did the best thing for her. I am crying and crying and miss her terribly but know that she deserved the best and we didn't feel that stays at the vets, medications, etc... Would benefit anyone but us who wanted to keep her with us. I know that she had some fluid in her lungs and was having a little trouble breathing. A few weeks prior her bowel movement s were only happening every 3 days and she had a couple of seizure like episodes but I never thought of disease-only old age. Would I bring her back-yes in a second but I know I wouldn't want her to be unwell and have those symptoms increase and worsen
Wishing you great peace and love
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I am so sorry your little dog has this problem.

Sub-Q fluids might help him for a little while, and the vet may be able to prescribe anti nausea drugs and possibly Phosphorus binders. But there are other things to consider, such as the dreadful weakness which comes from anemia. And if there is any ulceration of the mouth, etc.

Definitely when he refuses food and won't even drink, or anything he ingests comes back up again....even though he is on medication....then he is close to the end. When no medicines help him any more, it might be the kindest thing to let him free.

He will always love you.
My kindest thoughts to you and him.
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Please join our Kidney Disease group...Over to the right>>>>on this page there is a  Related Forums box..Click on groups...It will give you some choices...You want the Kidney group...They are a wonderful bunch over there and the forum leader is incredible in knowledge....Please go over, they will answer your questions.....Bless you and your little one...
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I am so sorry for your lost and I believe you guys have a great time with each other and that is something that outweighs everything . My JRT is not doing well at the moment and it has been already 3 days without him at home . For now I will be joining the group dedicated to kidney issue to share whatever information that I can offer
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Thank you so much for your reply ginger , I will keep your advise in mind . I have just received the 2nd round of blood test result and his situation is kinda improving on the bun levels but the creatinine levels got worst .

If things do not improve another of couple of more days under the drip , I will bring him home as he is severely stressed out inside that little cold and dark cage . It breaks my heart everytime to see him desperating banging on the cage to get out ...      
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Will be joining there right now
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