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Elderly pug coughing at night

My elderly pug (13 years old) has been coughing at night. This doesn't seem to occur during the day or evening and only when she is laying in her bed. I have read other comments about this and cannot find anything that addresses this type of issue at night. I have contacted my vet and am waiting for a return call. I am fortunate to have a vet that makes house calls.
I also have a 6 year old pug but she doesn't sleep with the older pug and has no symptoms similar to her older companion. They are not related.
Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Pugdaddy....A Senior dog Coughing at night or early morning (After laying down) is indicative of CHF (Congestive heart failure)......Don't panic!  This condition is very common and can be controlled for years w/medications....An EKG is the place to start.....If your Vet is not able to provide one, then you need to see a Canine Cardioligist....Let us know what the Vet says & good luck.....Karla
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Hi Misfits:
I found the same information after hours of research on the internet. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I have an appointment with my vet for an EKG. Take care.
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