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My dog, 8 months, inu/sheppard ran away from the yard, led me on a huge chase through the river valley. I ended up catching her laying down in this extremely thick orange/rusty water in the stream...I saw her drink a bit...I bathed her very well....

Do I have anything to worry about? Bacteria infection?

Please anything?!
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You did the right thing giving her a good washing.  No way to tell if she will be affected unless you know what was in the water and if she did drink any. Not sure why there would be thick, orange stuff in a stream. You may want to collect some in a jar.  Dud you see any kind if contaminates near there like automobile fluids, etc?  
Just watch for any signs that she may be sick like lethargy, vomiting or diarrhea.  If so, get her checked by the Vet.  
You might feeding her a slice of bread soaked in water.  Some uncultured yogurt too.
Hopefully, she will be fine.
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