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Hubby recently came up with another nickname for our latest family addition, Doc Holliday the rescue-Dal.  He's on the large side for Dals, and the rescue group initially called him Brutus.  Along those lines, Hubby thought up "Spotacus" the other day.  It's sticking.  LOL!

All of our dogs have ended up having a ton of different nicknames, and they seemed to understand that each one was indeed, their name.  

For Doc, we also have Dr. Spot, Dr. Dork, Goober Head, Gomez, Dr. Detroit, Doofus.  More to come in the years ahead, that's for sure!

Maggie, after 5 years with us, has racked up several monikers: Mags, The Mag Pie, The Pie, Her Pieness, Her Pieness on Her Throne, Puppy Pie, Polar Pie, Magnus, Pot Pie, Snuggy Pie... lots of things you can do with pie.  LOL!

King is the 125 lb Lab who visits frequently from next door.  A good friend of mine came up with a great nickname for him: Kingus Khan.  When all 3 dogs get together we have Kingus Khan, Magnus and now Spotacus.  How crazy is that?!

So what nicknames have you all come up with for your dogs?  :-)
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Well, we've got two dogs....

Cookie is a Border collie/Belgian sheep dog mix. Her nicknames include Cookie-girl, Coo, Coo-coo, Coo-girl, girl-girl, Little Miss (her oldest nickname), and Dog-girl.

Then we have Donut. He's a Pit Bull/Boxer mix with some kind of little terrier thrown in (because he is ny like a Corgi). His nicknames are Nutty, Donutty, Donutters, Nuttyness, The Loyal Terrier (a play on a line from a James Bond film- because if Donut likes you who will follow you anywhere... even into the bathroom !), Love Bites (Because when Donut licks someone- little dog kissies- someties he gives a tiny little painless bite during his licking)...

And knowing how I talk to those dogs they'll both have several more nicknames.... before the day is out ;-)
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LOL!  Ain't life grand with more than one dog?!  :-)  I love the name "Donut" - lots of nickname opportunities with that one.  Glad to hear I'm not the only person who freely doles out different nics to my dogs.  The crazy thing is that they know each and every name and exactly to whom it applies.  Nobody can tell me dogs don't understand "human".  :-D
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This is a fun post! My dogs have nicknames too! At least I am not the only one. My mutley, Oscar has many nick names....Ogi-one-kanobe, ogre, ogi, oscar de la poopa, oscar doodles......I call Titus, my bulldog, Tiddles and my other one named Tangie, I call her Tangie Wangie or tangerine. They all seem to know their nicknames too. It's pretty funny.
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Hey there FP!  Glad to see you here again!  How's everything going with you and the combatants?  "Ogi-one-kanobe" - hilarious!  Until Doc Holliday came to us, all our dogs have been mutts, so Mutley was a common name for them all at one point or another.  What cartoon was it that had a "Mutley"?  I can still picture him, but not the name of the cartoon.  Old age descends...  :-)
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Our Siberian husky, Miss Puff, is the one of our dogs who has the most nicknames.  None  quite as original as "Spotacus" or "Ogi-one-kanobe".  I actually laughed when I saw some of these names.  Miss Puff has been The Puffolator, Puffball, DirtPuff, Sneaky Feet, Cream Puff ....

An enjoyable post  = )

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"The Puffolator"!!!  That's great!   Isn't funny that whatever name we come up with for our dogs, it always gets rearranged?  Love it!  :-D
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Thats cute...my dogs are Bear (great dane) Ben (black lab) and Sammy (chow/shep mix).  Love my boys so loving and sweet.  :-)
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I am notorious for funny little nicknames..for everyone! So my new puppy is no exception. His name is Lex and ive been calling him Leximus maximus and lex-a-doodle. My son watches some cartoon where they have people called the poo poo noo noo's, so ofcourse, hes also my little poo poo noo noo!  LOL :) i love it
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He could be SpongeLex Squarepants

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LOL, have to join in.  My sweet Max also answers to "adorablins lovinsky", "Maximizer", "Muttwick" and "sweetums".  
We pet sit a precious bundle named TANSTAFL - There Aint No Such Thing As a Free Lunch.  He is called "Tanner" for short and, at my house, goes by "goat-boy" because you gotta move fast to keep him from eating EVERYTHING that hits the floor - paper, lint, etc.
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Okay so I am definetly not the only pet owner who's silly and corny...
I have:
BOOBOO named b/c he always sneak around lookin for his Momma's booboo for nursing, hes was a solo pup and we would say "you lookin for your booboo?" now nickname for calling "Booboo Doodoo"
Prissy named for her prissy walk, nickname Prissy Punkin Tootoo..
NooNoo named after deceased Noonnee, nickname Nooninny
Pappy named for lookin like a Pappillon when pup, nickname Happy Pappy
MooMoo named for lookin like blk/white cow, nickname is a song "MooMoo in her yellow polka dot bikini"
My vet says....everything sounds like OoooOooow syllable, wasn't planned that way.
Lord, I do not know how this all gets started...each one nicknamed and songs to boot...
People hear me talkin to the dogs....they think I am nuts...
I sure enjoyed reading everybody stuff, what fun this was....
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That is sooooooooooo funny! My son is a sponge bob fanatic! I absolutely love that :)
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Oh Good Lord!  I'm really laughing - these are great!  I needed that laugh!  :-)
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OH WHERE TO START! I have 6 dogs and they all have their names! lol
My dog is a pekingese, his name is Kipper, but I call him teddy bear, kipperdoodle, Kipster, Kipperpoo...you name it!

I also have a toy fox terrier named Suzi, but we call her Suzi Q, Poozie, Floozie, and Doofus(even though shes the smartest of the bunch)

My other Toy Fox (Bailey)is a chunky lil thing so we call her fatso, sausage, butterball, Mama(she made babies with my peke) and Baileyboop

Our Rat Terrier Chihuahua mix is Patch because hes got one black patch over his right eye. I just call him butt*hole or a$$hole because he can be so mean and snappy...growls..he's a jerk. Other then that he's Patcharoo.

Then theres our Shih Tzu Chrissy, We call her Miss chris, Dustmop, fuzzworth, or chris cross

And last but not least, we kept a puppy from the litter so hes a peke/toy fox terrier. He's tiny but when he was a baby his face looked like that of a gorilla's so I came up with the name Kong..lol after King Kong. We mostly call him kong, kongo-bongo, scoobydoo, whiner, and annoying lol because he barks at everything. I call him a parrot sometimes because he will actually climb up my dad's body and sit on his shoulder and balances on anything! (he's very agile, about 7 pounds)
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How could I have forgotten.  Our lhasa apso is named Hoss Squarepants.  My daughter adopted him from work - he came from a puppy mill and had parvo and wasn't expected to survive but he did.  The vets know my daughter likes SpongeBob so they gave the puppy the last name "Squarepants".

Good to know other folks have nicknames for their dogs too  = )

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"Hoss Squarepants"!!  LOL!  I'm more of an old-fashioned "Looney Tunes" and "Merry Melodies" person myself, but that's a great one.  :-D
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Oh this should be fun; I have lots of dogs, but only two live with me. The others live with my mom, but I still think of them as my dogs too because I see them so often! I'll start with the two that live with me:

Eric (border collie) is aka Eurico, Rico, and Buddy Boy.

Blackie (lab/chow/corgie mix...my best guess) is aka Miss Black, Black, Blackie-boo, and Blackie-blue-boo (yeah, you can't do too much with a name like Blackie).

Okay, the dogs that live with my mom:
Nic (border collie), aka Nicolai, Nicolai Carpicolai, Dorkolas, and Doofus.

Dove (border collie), who is Nic's littermate sister, is aka Dovey-doo, Doovlevay, Doovely, Lovely Dovely, and Lovey Dovey Doo.

Zeke (westie), aka Zeke-mon, Mon, Mon-mon, Zeke-meister, Ezekiel, and Ezekie-mon.

Ivy (Great Pyranese), aka Ivy Pudz, Pudz, Ivy-Divey-Doo, and Rivy-Roo (she kinda has the Scooby-Doo thing going for her).
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Spotacus--that is so perfect!  I love it--one of the best names I've heard.
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Patch is our Saint Bernard boy who will be 3 on the 4th of July.  He is a very big boy (duh, eh?), however we have been known to call him:
Mr. Puppy
Handsome Boy
Patch Adams
When he does something bad, or quasi bad, my husband has a few names in Italian that I will not share here.
Clare, 12 year old Black Lab girl is known as:
Missy Clare
The Beauty Girl
Daddy's Girl
She doesn't misbehave...she leaves that up to her brother.
We love them both!
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We have 2 cats and a dog...

The dog, Guinevere has a few names. Gwen, puppy, pretty girl, booboo puppy, stinky dog, silly girl, poopy puppy, cuddle *****, little ***** ( I know that's kinda mean but she's seriously a *****, she'll be all over you even if you don't want it), killer, viscous pit bull (she's a sweet heart but she kills toys so she's a viscous puppy), crazy, and little girl.

The boy cat, Romeo, is panther kitty ( he's all black), baby boy, and romeow.

The girl cat, hannah, is ms. hannah, hannah baby, pretty girl cat, and a few more that I can't think of.
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The only one I remember is our collie we had called Laddie, and a mixed mutt who was named Sabaco (don't ask me why). his nickname was "Paco", which I beleive is spanish for "Friend". :)
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I have a sable and white rough collie whose name is Katie.  Her nicknames are Katie-doo, Katesie-bug, Katie-did, Katie-diddle, Katie-doodle and Kadizzle fo Shizzle.  I've also written a poem about her, with apologies to Lewis Carroll (the Alice in Wonderland author) that goes:
   I'm Kate!  I'm Kate!
   I've a very important date!
   No time to say hello, goodbye,
   I'm Kate!  I'm Kate!  I'm Kate!

   I'm Kate!  I'm Kate!
   You better go shut that gate!
   Or else I'll go chase down that bike!
   I'm Kate!  I'm Kate!  I'm Kate!

Yeah, I know.  Too much free time.  LOL

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OMG that is hysterical!!  :-D  I'm not a poet, but I find myself changing lyrics to songs that include the dogs.  I never know when something utterly ridiculous will pop into my head, but the worst was when I was working on a handbell arrangement for the Doxology at church.   "Praise dogs from whom all blessings flow..."  LOL!
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My daughter was 4 when she got her first dog and named her Sunshine.  I thought that was inane (silly me, our friend with 3 brilliant daughters in college has a dog named Sunshine).  Anyway, after additional discussion, we settled on Agatha Sunshine, called Agatha, rarely Aggie and then only when my now 13-y-o daughter is using the diminutive to downplay Agatha's responsibility for whatever is getting her yelled at.

The first of her daughters is Maisie Mae Moonshine--the last part sorta for mom, and sorta for a place where a Maisie Mae might live.  Maisie for short, or occasionally Mae.

The second daughter Phoebe Starshine, which may or may not recall San Francisco in the 60s and 70s or maybe the musical "Hair," and again, sorta for mom.  Feeb or Feebles for short.
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