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OMG My Sweet Baby Is Randomly Violently Sick?? HELP!!!

My dog is going through this "licking everything in sight", after waking from bedtime after 20 minutes. This has never happened before I so I found this site, after calling the vet on call as well seeing many links for seizures. This is still going on right now... for the 1st time right now & I am FREAKING out but remaining calm for her. I called my vet & he was asleep as it was 1:30 am, now is 2:50 am & it is still going on. I found some posts on this site from others going through this but no one had mentioned seizures? Someone said about reverse sneezing or nasal drip going down throat but when I went to post a reply I didn't have account & had to sign up & then was able to post a comment on one post but couldn't go back to post a reply to another I had wanted to. I do not know this site at all or how to use it so I decided to post here, just trying to get the word to you in case your dog too is going through a seizure...I PRAY THEY ARE NOT, SAME FOR MINE!!
She is so restless & licking everything, especially under the couches, dressers, tables & anywhere there is dust & crap. I have been trying everything to sooth her, excessively, but nothing works longer than a few minutes & then she needs to get up & pace & lick again. The vet said she is just irritated & likely got into something while out side for her bed time pee & that she is just going to puke. She has puked before but NEVER had behavior like this EVER!! She is licking the air too & when I looked on line, after my frustrations with the call to the vet, all I can see for very fitting answers is that she is having a seizure!!!! All the symptoms match & so do most al of yours & yet none of you seem to have mentioned that as something you found on line too? When I typed in excessive dog licking every link I had come up was about seizures!! I am so scared & I am praying this will soon stop...and never happen again & she is my sweet sweet girl, like my daughter & it is killing me seeing her go through this & I feel so helpless. The vet didn't seem like I was welcome to call back if it didn't stop or if she didn't puke & so I am torn as he is the only one on call for tonight, now 3 am & my vet doesn't open until 8 am. I hope you all found the answers you are looking for as too do I hope I do as well. All the best to you all & your sweet babies. My sweet Harley is so tired right now but she can't stop pacing & licking, almost 2 straight hours now.
Harley's Concerned Mommy...XOX My Sweet Girl

I have to go as I need to care for my girl... Please get well Harley, & your pets too!!!
Thanks & I pray for all your pets!!
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My Goodness....I assume you have been to the Vet by now.....What did you find out? Please, let us know....I hope your girl is better by now....Karla
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I am waiting for the vet to call me back. It finally stopped after 3 hours & she never threw up so it is all leading towards her having had a seizure. It was the worst experience of my life, seeing her go through that & I pray it NEVER happens again. I am waiting for a call to go in & have blood work done. My vet was not in today & so I am waiting for a call to go in and see him. Now that she is back to herself it seems less of an emergency to them I guess but I still want to know what happened & how to better help her next time, despite trying everything one could imagine trying!!! Thanks for your concern & I thank god she got through this!!
Peace to all, as well to all your little/big, furry/not furry, loved ones!!
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Licking the air or licking things that would not normally be licked are classic signs of nausea in dogs.  Whether or not vomiting occurs depends on the individual situation, since just like with people, sometimes they're able to fight back vomiting until the nausea passes.  I can completely understand why you were upset, as well you should have been since it would have been abnormal for a caring pet owner to NOT be upset by unfamiliar behavior such as this!  Hopefully, whatever it was has passed and she will not have to deal with it again.  My guess is that if you have bloodwork done, it will be unremarkable, but you're being a good, responsible dog parent by having it done, especially since it will put your mind at ease to know that your dog has been proven to be fine.  Please let us know what the bloodwork says.  Fingers crossed for you, but my guess is that everything will turn out fine.  

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