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Older female bleeding from vagina

I have a 12 year old female shepherd. She has not been spayed. Her heats have always been like clock work. As she has aged they have diminished down to 3 to 6 days and she was done. This time she started just before Christmas with some discharge and now is still dropping spots of a bloody discharge. She does not have a temp. She is lively, eating good. Takes her walks. Her stools are normal with no bloody discharge in them.  Is this something to be alarmed about?
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I would definitely call the vet, I don't know the details about the length of the heat. I assume you know all about pyometras by checking for a temperature above 102.5 deg, foul smelling and discolored discharge, and increased drinking and urination..this would be my biggest concern.
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Heat cycles last a average of 21 days but that can differ from dog to dog.   Too bad she was never spay. This could be caused by a number of things, an open pyometra being one but they are usually pretty I'll and do run a temp.  You should probably take her into be examined, possibly get a culture done and a CBC to see if white counts are elevated. Ask for thyroid to be checked also.
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