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Shedding Lifesaver!

I know many of us have this issue with our furbabies, some more than others. I have a short coat Chihuahua that sheds more than my past Pomeranian or other Chihuahua ever thought of! Truth be told, I was miserable! I'd brush, I'd slicker, I'd bathe, I'd dust and vacuum, and there was never an end in site... And then I found the FURminator! It's expensive, but worth EVERY penny I paid for it. It lives up it the reviews! I even used it on a long hair cat my friend has, and the cat fell in love with it! I got so much hair off in one sitting that her mom went out the next day and bought one.

This tool is so great, I just had to share it here! :)
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Thanks for posting.  I have one, somewhere.  :-). It did a pretty good job but I went back to my slicker and boar bristle brushed on our Chi mix.
May try to find the Furminator.
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