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Sick dog and possible swollen face/snout

Hi....My dog woke up about 4 hour ago and threw up.  I came back in with her thinking that was it but about two hours later I realized she was not laying down and was very restless.  I finally got up and turned the lights on and her face looked really funny.  I thought it looked wrinkled or swollen.  Her whole face and snout.  Her front legs and paws also possibly look swollen however she is shedding so it is hard to tell and I am also freaking out and looking for anything.  She also was shaking a bit like she was cold.  I am not sure what to do and will take her to a vet if I dont get any good answers from here or Craigslist soon.  

Side note since I have been on the internet for the last hour trying to figure something out she has finally layed down for a bit but her face still looks funny!  I am really worried however I dont want to over react either and have a costly vet bill I really cant afford right now.
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You aren't over-reacting!!  Your dog needs a vet NOW.  It sounds like an allergic reaction and the facial swelling can smother her to death.  If you have plain benadryl (diphenhydramine with no decongestant) try pushing that down her throat.  You'll have to get it past where the tongue presses up against the roof of the mouth and stroke her throat to help her swallow.  The dosage is 1mg per pound of the dog's body weight.
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Answers from a message board are no substitute for a visit to the vet.  You need to take her anyway.  A dog shakes when it is in pain, you need to act now!

Since we cannot see your dog first-hand, nor do we have any idea what could have happened to her to cause this, you need to take her in so that the vet can examine her and help get her comfortable.  

Could she have been bitten by something (insect?  snake?)  It sounds like a reaction to something, but what?  Also, depending on what it is a reaction to, you need to get her to a vet in case he needs to ward off an anaphylactic reaction, which could be fatal.

Please post back and let us know what the vet says.

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Thank you.  After a short period of time I realized that her face looking wrinkled was her face swelling.  I gave her a benadryl right away and then I covered us both up and laid down with her on her dog bed.  She stopped shaking after about 10 min and then slept for 2 hours.  We got up around 9 am tail wagging and all...she even gave me some kisses.  She went out to potty and then straight to her food and drank her water.  Her face looks much better and she has kept everything down so far.  I am not going to rush off to the vet just yet since she seems to be doing much better.  I am not sure what she was having a reaction too but I dont think its the food.  She has had this food before and had no problems with it plus she has ate and kept what she had down so far. But if for any reason she takes a turn for the worse again the vet will be my first stop.  Thanks for the advice and help.  It was greatly appreciated!!!!!!  

At least now I know I have a clue what an allergic reaction looks like!

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my dogs got in a fight and one of my dogs gotten bit multiple times in the face and head and now a couple of days later his face is extremly swollen wat should i do
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hi my 2 month chihuahua has a swollen face what do I do???
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