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Some Great-other So Bad Dog Owners

Our DAWGs--Domestic Animal Welfare Group has a FREE to Dog owners, Spay & Neuter Clinic as many times per year as we can afford it.  
   The question is, Why do some Dog owners, who otherwise have the money, only Spay or Neuter their animals when it is FREE?
    Our Foundation must pay for the Vets who do not donate their time. We pay for all the drugs used. We used donated Space for the Clinic. We use donated clean Blankets for Doggie Post Op. Ours is a small group & few Great Animal Lovers donate all the money to pay for the rest.
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Regarding Spay & Neuter
    Owning an animal is a responsibility. I once proposed a minimum donation of $10.00.  
    The first person owned the local hardware store, & said he had no money on him.
   After that the other members of the foundation said, " let's just love the animals. Forget about the people".
    Starving,sick,diseased,domestic animals are a disgrace to any society. We must educate the public. Pets need immunizations, medical attention, spay &
Neuter,as well as a lifelong commitment from their owners. Please encourage
Others to give this season to their local Rescue. Spread the Love. Thank you
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Because it's free!!  Hey, anybody wants a deal.  :-(

That's wonderful you are able to do that.  There was a cat rescue here for years that did that.

They often advertise clinics with reduced rates and I think I read one group is trying to get a mobile unit to travel to the poorer areas of town.  Hard to say it diplomatically, but those areas are where a lot of the backyard breeding is going on, ESP the Pitts and Chihuahuas.  Dogs get popular and people jump in there hoping to make a few extra bucks.  Pups don't sell or new owners have problems, off to the Shelter they go or are often dumped out in the country here.  Feel bad for the poor farmers!  

I don't know how things work where you are but here they have to prove they are low income at some of these clinics.
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