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cancer on leg

My nine year old husky lab mix has a golf ball + sized lump on her foreleg just below knee.  A biopsy was done two weeks ago with dx. of nerve sheath tumor.  Vet recommends surgery to remove tumor, which may return in months to years.  I don't want to cause any suffering as she has no symptoms at this point, but it did come up quite suddenly.  Anybody with experience of this type of cancer?  I am very fearful of surgery turning into amputation.
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I have absolutely no experience with this type of cancer, but if it was me I would opt for the surgery, and quickly, at least you would be giving her a chance.  If amputation is necessary she might adjust a lot better than you think.  I wish you luck.
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Sorry to read about this diagnosis.  We are dealing with a dog with Lymphoma here but I suggest you check a very active and supportive canine cancer community on Yahoo.  They discuss many types of cancer and treatments they have had or not had success with. Great group.
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