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dog coughing last week especially when excited or running around.  deep cough like gagging.
9 year old yorkie
had been sick with bloody diarhea before coughing and was treated with antibiotics and fluids.  
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Jaybay is correct.....This could be a number of things.....In a 9yr. old small breed dog; I'm thinking Collapsing Trachea, which is very common. Also, heart disease needs to be ruled out as this is also common in a small 9yr. old.....Your Vet needs to test further on both of these things.....And Yes, they are both treatable.......Let us know what happens & good luck........Karla
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Sounds like you need to go back to the vet.  It could be anything from allergies, to a respiratory infection, to something worse like congestive heart failure.  The diarrhea may or may not be related.  One thing is for certain - you won't know what it is until your vet examines him.
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