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fleas/skin allergies

I have an all white pure bred boxer with severe skin allergies.  Nothing seems to work to keep the fleas off of him without also irritating his skin.  All natural sprays actually seem to cause an even worse reaction than the sprays or drops containing alcohol.  I hate seeing him so uncomfortable.  Does anyone have any tips for me or home remedies to try?  We have already tried everything we could get from the store.  Please help.
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Have his skin issues actually been diagnosed?  Have you consulted with your Vet for treatment?
There is a once a month oral medication, Comfortis, you might ask your Vet about.  Look it up on the Internet.  I know a number of people that use it, ate happy with the results and dogs have had no issues.
However, if your dog is dealing with an immune disorder, best to check with your Vet.
Other than that, try to keep your house and yard treated.  You might try getting bedding for him that has Cedar in it.
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