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how long for the 1st sedative to take effect before euthanization

My 15-1/2 year old mini dashchund Wave had a peaceful passing however her first injection (there were 2 others after that) of the sedative was painful for her.  I was holding her.  I am beating myself up thinking this is the last memory she has of me  ie:  inflicting pain.   Was this sedative slow enough to give her time to know I was holding her after the injection so that she could feel safe again?  I know she felt no pain after that but to think I brought her up to bed (her safe place) and then she felt that pain is bothering me more than I expected.  I am over thinking ….but to know that she was still mentally with me directly after the medicine was given to her and the pain from the shot was gone would help heal my heart.  He told me we were going to wait 5-10 minutes before the next shot so I hope that means she was still with me.  I have had to do this 4 other times and my dogs never had any reactions.  We are thinking that waves cancer (which had spread to her bones just recently) was causing muscle spasms and that is why the shot hurt her.   Thanks  Jodie
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It may depend on the dose, and the dog, but my thoughts from what I have experienced is they don't always go "under" instantaneously, and there may have been a few moments when she was aware you were holding and comforting her before she drifted into sleep (before the final injection.)
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