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my puupies are dying

so my puppies are dying one by one and I don't know what is doing it i thought it was worms but we treated them for worms but I just lost another one that makes three and I don't know they all start off the same with a little cough to like a gagging then they get labored breathing then the wander around just cryin then the just stop moving and lay there whimpering and the after this goes on gor three days they day I need answer plz before I lose the last six of my puppies
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I agree with lindapalm.
You cannot make guesses what is wrong with them, while they drop dead one by one. Please do get them to a vet right now.
I hope the last ones survive.
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Your puppies are dying on by by one and you haven't rushed them to the vet?  Why not? You are going to lose the last six if you don't.  Go immediately.
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