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retrobulbar abscess.

my dog had a retribulbar abscess drain on 3/19/2012 , he hasnt ate since and i  try o give him his pills but it hurts him and spits it out . What should i do ?
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Will he drink any water?  That is needed more than food in the early stages.  As you vet about how to make him swallow a pill.

Is there any "table" food he really loves?  If he doesn't have any allergies to foods try to wrap the pill in something he really loves to eat.

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Please don't tell me you mean a year ago.  Assuming you mean this year, I would hope there would be improvement in 48-72 hrs.
Yes, is he drinking?
You could try a pill pocket, some cream cheese, etc but if that is hurting him, might not work.
What you could do is call the Vet and see if you can get the pill in liquid form.  Also ask him fir a curved top syringe (no needle on it).  These come in handy as it is curved and you can stick it in tha back side of the mouth to dispense liquid.  Your Vet should have them.  Not sure if the Pet stores sell them.  
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Sorry I meant this year and no he's not drinking , today he took his pill , but then I gave him a lil piece of soft food and it hurt him and he cried , once that happened he won't eat anything again now. && I will ask for my vet for that maybe that'll work better and wont hurt him.
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Retrobulbar Abscess in Dogs

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