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vet has no idea how to treat our dog... help!

our dog has some weird skin issue on her leg. it is spreading quicky. it itches like crazy so we have her in a cone and she smells like cornchips. she is miserable. we tried a few different drugs and injections (steriods, atopica, a few antihistamines, revolution and antibotic) nothing is helping so far.we are waiting for allergy tests to come back but i dont think its allergy honestly any one know what this is? picture attached.
any advice is appreciated...  
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That doesn't look good!  Have you changed her food or added anything?  Has she come into contact with anything outside? Gone hiking or anything?  Isn't there some plant that can cause serious skin reactions and I can't remember what it is! Check for insect bites?
You have a canine dermatologist within travel distance? See you are in NJ.  How far is Cornell from you?  I think I would seek a Soecialist's opinion.
Gish, good luck and please update!  
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Looks like hotspots or yeast infections to me
I would use african black soap for baths and shea butter after
my dog had something that looks similar and its cleared right up
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Has the vet done a skin scraping to test for mange mites?
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