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Recurring mouth blisters on the soft palate

I have OSMF (Oral Submucous Fibrosis), though my mouth opening is fairly good (around 50 mm; equal to three and half fingers) but my jaw pains when I try to open my mouth wide plus there are white plaques on jaw area and soft palate which proves the presence of Fibrosis. I feel extreme burning sensation whenever I east spicy food.

My awkward experience is "Formation of blisters on soft palate (roof of the mouth).” These blisters are formed on the soft palate whenever I eat something spicy or hot or moderate hot and when I pop it (burst it with my finger) it forms ulcer and a new blisters is formed on the other side. These blisters are water filled or some fluid like water which transparent mostly, sometimes it looks like pus-filled.

For example: When I start eating something spicy then a blister is formed on the right soft palate. When I pop it out, it sometimes bleeds very less and sometimes does not bleed at all and sometime later it becomes like an ulcer. At the later part of the same day when I start eating something else, a blister is formed on the left soft palate and if pop it out too and lately I eat something else, a new blister forms on the right soft palate (at the same place where first blister was formed). This process is in continuation since last three months. I get 1-2 blisters daily. :(

Of course, when I east something too spicy the size of the blister is larger as compare to when I eat less spicy food(These blisters are not too much painful though it pains moderately when I swallow but It is extremely uncomfortable !!!).

This is although clear that, it is OSMF. Also, I have observed that there are FOUR white lesions on the right tonsil which causes ear pain and these lesions are there from last three months.

I have visited three doctors; a dentist, a General Practitioner (GP) and another GP.

Dentist told: its infection.

First GP too told that it's an infection though expressed that if it does not go away with the medicine he is prescribing it could be HERPES.

The second GP told that it is Fibrosis and will go away with time though he did not give me any satisfactory answer about the Blister formation. He just said your soft palate has become rigid that's why formation of blisters are taking place.

But I don't feel it rigid. For me it's just mysterious, nobody has the answer. I have come across a discussion page "http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Ear--Nose--Throat/Water-Blister/show/389439" which has many people posting the almost similar questions but nobody has the answer. I am posting it with different tags with a hope to get a solution for it.

Kindly provide solution/remedy/advise whatever you feel like.

Many Thanks!!

P.S. I was a tobacco consumer(chewing tobacco). I stopped tobacco consumption completely in Jan 2017.
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