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Diet options

What do you think about the concept of taste and smell limiting food intake as proposed by Sensa?
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just cut your calorie intake and excecise more drink lots of water  take hoodia pills this helps boost matablism  i do  this and it works  when you do eat  eat 4 very small meals throghout the day.   i have anerexia so i knowlots of tips and tricks
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I also want to add that there are many products out there that appeal to the billion dollar diet market, and keep people on the roller coaster of weight loss and gain

But even more unethical than this (and it sounds like what you are referring to may come in this category) is the websites that have ideas and products that are pro-eating disorder! (Also some eating disorder "programs" which are not based on sound ED treatment principals)Eating disorders are an illness. I know, I suffered from one for 30 years. I now have 16 years in recovery so these websites and many of the programs were before my time. Recovery from an eating disorder is hard work but it is possible and so worth it. These pro-eating disorder ideas just like all the diets will keep you spinning on the ED roller coaster for years.
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Diet pills don't work unless you change lifestyle. That be to eat healthier. Healthy nutrition should be the main goal, not weightloss. By focusing on that, we could all save us some problems.

My answer is: Diet pills are all about the money. 30-day trials work but only because the initial weightloss experienced are fluids. The safest way to loose weight is to add some physical activity to the day (3 work-out sessions over a week's time) and to get steady on meals. So.... No to gadgets, yes to critical thinking :-)

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