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Do I have Anorexia??

Im almost 17 120 and 5'7". I have a lot of trouble with eating. The thought of food makes me feel sick, i feel even worse after eating. At times i feel like forcing myself to throw up after i eat just to get the food out of my stomach. The most ill eat is two meals and one has to be small i wont eat all of it. I hate how my body is everytime i look in the mirror, i exercise till my body hurts  (i used to selfharm due to being molested by my ex but my bf made me stop and checks for new cuts or scars)
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Don't cop to Anorexia so fast. You are not too thin....and neither am I ! You are 5'7" 120lbs.? That's not bad at all but you must not, MUST NOT ever "purge!!! That is sooooo bad for you. I am 5'4', 96.4lbs. and not at all worried about it. Watch   everybody jump on me for saying that......My shrink is all concerned and wants me to get on CBD (??) medical Marijuana because I have no appetite. Two meals/day is about all I can do, too, but I pick GOOD foods to eat and NO meat. Take your vitamins and supplements like Strontium Citrate for your bones & teeth. Check out "Puritans' Pride" online for good vits. & minerals. Thin is fine as long as you are healthy and feeling strong. Eat salad w/ tuna or HB eggs in it. Just eat RIGHT and don't worry so much about quantity. If you get down to say, 100#, then you'll need help. Let me know how you're doing and don't worry yourself to death!  Shalom, Channah
Her concern is valid and you are incredibly dismissive. I would suggest not offering advice for people when you have no idea what you're talking about. That's as politely as I can put it.
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You have restrictive tendencies but probably fall under the OSFED umbrella for now. Seek help immediately.
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I would say that in ways you are anorexic.  Im not a professional or anything but the sickness from eating could be stress related.  I am dealing with the same thing.  Maybe talk to someone about the not liking how you look thing and other issues.  Even if it's a counselor it might help
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