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Ed Recovery stages (alone?)

I am trying to recover myself, in short, I am confused.
I struggled with restricting/anorexia for about... 3 years? More or less.

I went from 90 some to now 144 lbs.
I am 18, female, 5´4 tall.

I had my labs tested and they seemed pretty normal, maybe on the low side, but my doc was not too helpful bc she said they looked fine. She had no idea what to do..

So, I have light pink stuff, weight gained, still no actual bleeding. I eat about 2000 on vegan diet, I can eat 2500 but it feels unnecessary when I do, since I quit all working out and only do light yoga.

I don´t know what stage of recovery I am in. It´s also weird because I have no team to direct me, and my body started gaining weight all on it´s own, even before I upped my cals. So does my calorie intake still matter, or can I just eat intuitively now?
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Recovery is weird because the stages can be all meshed together with no definite lines just gray. Don't be too hard on yourself! You seem to be kicking ***. I think it would be helpful to have a team to support you through because even if you are weight restored it doesnt mean the battle in your mind is over! Keep up the great work and seek out more professional support if you can! <333
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As someone who also tried to recover myself I will say it was hard. I was anorexic for about 2 years around the age of 13-14 and no one found out until now and I'm 18 years old. I struggle with more disorders but putting that aside I will say that when trying to recover on your own is to skip the "steps" everyone thinks are necessary. You have to find the problem that started this is the first place and target that one problem. I would talk about mine to give you an example but mine we're too closely related to other things for me to get into that. You need to work through your own personal problems one at a time.  Don't use all the steps if they're too confusing focus on being a healthier you onewhos not only physically healthy but also mentally!!! Also get help from friend.  Maybe not coming out and asking for direct help with recovery but maybe with a new lifestyle choice and a new diet to go along. You've just got to get help in small ways without telling the world unless you want to help. I also wish you luck and hope you do better than I did. Remember why you recovered and keep that in mind through and after this process!!!!  Keep your head high and spirits right up there with it I believe in you!!!!
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