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Have i got an eating disorder?

For a few months i haven't been able to eat hardly anything, and i'm never hungry.. If i do eat a feeling of guilt builds up inside me.. and i usually throw up. I'm really worried, because suddenly my friends have been asking questions.. and saying they're noticed my food patterns.. I'm also worried because around a year ago i suffered from some form of eating disorder.. and i'm afraid that it can reoccur?
I try and keep my food as regular as possible.. But i often forget to eat.. but it doesn't seem to effect me?
I'm really worried.. Please help..
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Are you bindging and feeling guilty? You may need a support group who understands you. It is difficult to convince yourself to eat especially if you are worried about gainning. the main thing is try to eat healthy and write down what you are eating when you are hungryor not hungry, why or why you did or didnt eat (if you are thinking to much about it) what is triggering your behavior if you know. This can be a control issue you dont have control and your fearful. So you decide not to eat at all so you wont have to feel guilty later .

                                                          let me know if this is it or something else i will try to relate i know it is difficult  Abby
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i have lost 45 pounds in 6 in a half weeks.....about 5 to 600 calories a day...3 ensures 10 glasses of water 1 jello 1 yogurt. side effects? hmm....well lack of energy 4 sure, headaches, kinda a blah feeling, but losing the wieght so whatever, umm i was 192 YIKES , but water and vitamins are important factors to rite now i'm 153 and goal is to be about 125....sooo i will get there its working for me i guess? not sure if i have an eating disorder....but dont want to be fat. i'm 26 and have had 4 kids..im finally starting to look amazing..seriously.idk if this is the begining of an eating disorder? hmm but hey the weights coming off so like im not complianing....but i do notice that when i settle for one wieght im like yea i could just lose 10 more pounds....im obsessed with working out and eating very little. dont know whats going on. my true goal wieght is actually 118 but husband wont let me..
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