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How can I stop this

So my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me a few days ago. I was a state I was so heartbroken. I am so relieved now because we are going to make things work and stay together. But ever since the day it happened (3 days ago) I just can't eat. I've been eating in tiny tiny meal a day but afterwards I feel so sick. I feel so sick it makes me throw up, but if I can't throw up then I have to put my fingers down my throat to make it happen. This morning I felt ready to eat a proper meal so I had made myself and my boyfriend a bacon sandwich. I was okay for like an hour but then I threw it all up. Also since this I've had uncontrollable diarrhoea every 10 minutes. I've never had a problem with eating before, I am actually overweight. When will this end and do I need to go and see a doctor?
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Your nausea and diarrhea may be related to some stomach bug. Is pregnancy a possibility at all? Could you take a home pregnancy test?
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