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My Weird Eating Pattern- Keep losing/Can't gain weight

Okay, my general question is: is there something wrong with me? To really explain, I have to take you back.

All throughout my whole history I had been a 'skinny' child. I was even a skinny baby, so I know that I am naturally on the lighter side. And even as a kid I really didn't have much of an appetite, I could never get through a whole plate of food and would always try and hide extra food as my mom would try and force me to eat it.

Now, when I was 11 or 12, I probably only weighed 93 or so pounds, it was when I hit 13 that I shot up. I was at my peak height and weight, 113 or so pounds and 5'5. Some may say it was puberty, which may be in part, but I was also on a really bad diet. This was at a time when I would either eat fast food or go out to eat at least once a day. We were alright on money for once thanks to my moms current boyfriend, so we all ate a lot of wendys and mexico restaurant. My mom got to be on the bigger side, a bit, whereas I got bigger but was still seen as a healthy weight.

But I began to realize that I wasn't healthy. I read up on the type of stuff I was putting into my body (cheeseburgers and the such) and got scared. I also noticed, for the first time in my life, noticeable excess fat on myself (and when I say noticeable, I still mean barely so). My sister had just gone vegetarian and so I made the rather drastic decision to join her. I was strictly vegetarian for a year, and then the type where you can eat fish for another half a year. By the end of this year and a half, I had plummeted down in weight. At one point, my weight had even hit 87 pounds or so. I realized the vegetarian lifestyle was a terrible choice for me, because my mom was single again and we were tight on money and it seemed there was barely anything I could eat and I had lost so much weight.

So instead I opted for a 'as healthy as possible' sort of diet which I guess I still mostly keep. This is where I eat chicken, turkey, and fish, as many fruits and veggies as I can, no soda or caffeine, and all the preprocessed, frozen foods that are really cheap and bad for you.

But, anyway, I don't really have an appetite past the basics. I force myself to eat breakfast and lunch every day, and I usually eat dinner (except for when I close at work and am too exhausted to, which is like twice a week). Even those nights that I do skip dinner, I'm not hungry. I never really ever get hungry, and haven't felt hunger since when I was 13, those first couple of months where I stopped constantly eating fast food.

Anyway, I know this was long and rambling. But basically, right now I'm 17, 5'5, and I fluctuate daily anywhere from 95-100 pounds. I don't like my weight, even though its not a huge issue for me. I'd just rather have a more healthy, curvy appearance, like I had when I was 13. But I'd rather not have to eat fast food 24/7 to get this weight. I feel like I eat as much as a normal person, even though now I know I'm skipping a few meals which isn't good. But even last year, when I ate four wholesome meals a day, I still never got past 103.

So, is there a way to gain a bit of weight? Or, is 100 my normal weight and I just need to accept it? Is it possible that the 113 I achieved was actually my specific form of being overweight? Or am I vastly underweight and there's something wrong with me? Something I'm overlooking? Sorry for the rambling guys, any help would be much appreciated!
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You may not be getting enough nutrients. I kinda of think your lucky, that you don't have a née to eat. I'm same hight of 5'5" and 130 and battling it. I want so badly to be 120 like when I was and I got to 125 and now over 3 days I ate enough to gain 5 pounds and with sadies coming up soon I'm stressed and so stressed I eat. Ask your doctor about it. They might suggest vitamins. It dosent seam right you are having trubbles gaining weight. Most I can say is fruits will help but not make you fat. Fruit will help over weight people lose weight and underweight people gain weight. I do suggest to take vitimens.
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I'm not sue as to weather this is healthy for you or not. But a BMI of 15.8 is extremely low. My BMI is 18.5 and most propel say I'm too skinny.

I would defiantly check with the doc. Are any bones showing???

It may be fine for you though considering it's your normal weight. Still I would defiantly check with your doctor!
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