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do i have an eating disorder?

i always go through phases where nothing looks appetizing n when i look at food or smell it, it makes me feel sick, i could go months without eating , obviously i don't tho because that would be unhealthy , i make myself eat it n then my belly would feel unsettled (feel ill) n i wouldn't be able to fit a lot in at all, then after about three months of that all of a sudden stuff ive never even tried before i crave n i cant stop eating but i do still eat regular meals with a few snack in between but that's a lot for me in general ,that 'phase' lasts about 3 weeks then i go back to hating food. i look super skinny aswell i really don't like it n i constantly say that i wanna be fatter .
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To be honest, that doesn't really sound like an eating disorder in terms of what typically falls under that umbrella.   People look in the mirror and see a heavy person when they are starving. They control food intake and may limit calories on purpose to less than they should be having and exercise excessively.  They might binge and purge.  Those types of things are considered eating disorders.  Here's a description of what eating disorders really are and more of what you'd notice if you suffered that.  https://www.eatright.org/health/diseases-and-conditions/eating-disorders/understanding-eating-disorders  

Do you think you get nervous and can't eat because of that?  Or are you just not 'really' a food person sometimes not into it?  
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Thankyou! N get nervous about what?
I meant that when you are nervous, you can't eat (regardless of what you are nervous about).
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