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11 Year Olds Abnormal EEG results- plz help

My 11 year old son had a seizure about 3 weeks ago (his 1st one and no family history). He woke up that morning with a severe head ache that lasted for a long time (Tylenol would not ease the pain). The seizure occured 30 minutes after taking 1 dose of Omnicef 250 MG that was prescribed by his DR. for an ear infection that day. An "MRI" was performed the next day as well as blood work drawn. The blood work came back indicating that he had lyme disease (one of the tests was the western blot test and also band 41 tested positive). He is currently on Ceftin 250 mg 2 x daily for 20 days for the lyme. They will retest his blood in a few days.

MRI Impression:
Hyperintensitites of the peritrigonal deep white matter and of the superior frontal gyri greater on the left. These are overall, non specific. Considerations for dysmyelinating etiology such as adrenoleukodystrophy should be considered as well as lyme disease, and multiple sclerosis and potentially secondary demyelinating disease. Pediatric neurological consult is suggested.

The following week a child neurologist performed an "EEG test" on my son and the results came back:
slow frequency on right side
sharp/ slow waves in the same location
epileptic tendencies shown
More seizures may occur

The DR. that called with the results said that they did not prescribe anti-seizure meds for a child that has only had 1 seizure.

We have an appt the end of next week with a physican assistant at the neurologist office to discuss his test results.Of course, I have many questions and wanted to know if any of you have expertise in EEG results?

My son continues to have head aches that will bring him to tears (this is not a boy that cries easily). The head aches are usually in very specific spots and tend to occur when he is tired or stressed. Also, he has never complained of head aches in the past. These only started the morning his seizure occured.
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I have a few more things to add to my post. My son tells me that his left arms muscle twitches (muscle spasms.... I think) most every night and last night he said that the left side of his head was twitching as well.

I am hoping that a neurologist will read my post and comment on their thoughts.

Thank you in advance for any advise or suggestions you all may have.
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I am sorry to hear what your son is going through. I just posted about my daughter. She has not had a seizure, that I know, of but here are her EEG results, was told they were "abnormal" too.

Some background, she has
Down syndrome and Autism. The report shows the following:
The patient's icteric awake background showed rhythmic 7 to 8 hertz or
slightly past 8 hertz, occipital back with occasional sharp waves in
drowsy and awake states over the biparietal and posterior temporal
regions, next, on the right more than the left.These were sometimes
synchronous and occasionally asynchronous over the right hemisphere.
With sleep, they became more active. Examples of the drowsy awake
state were seen at 17:12:50. Good examples of sleep and drowsy sharp
waves predominately over the right hemisphere were seen at 22:35:16
and at 22:35:18. These were seen in a fairly frequent semi conscious
fashion at Stage II sleep and also Stage III sleep. Rhythmic runs of
this activity that were synchronous in both the parietal regions but
sometimes higher amplitude and more seen over the right hemisphere was
seen at 17:17:56 and 17:17:59. This activity is fairly frequent
throughout all portions of the sleeping record.
The 24 hour EEG showed sharp waves over the right and left parietal
and posterior temporal regions with predominant maximal activity over
the right posterior quadrant with the right parietal leads being in
the maximal areas of sharp waves. This activity was seen most ictal in
Stage II and Stage III; less frequently in drowsiness and awake state.
This activity did not correlate with any clinicial behavioral change
to suggest a patten is present in sleep predominately.

What is interesting is, they put her on Depakote, which I understand to be anti-seizure medicine and I don't think she's had a seizure. But it could be different due to the Down syndrome and Autism. Have you found out anything else????
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i heard most lyme disease comes from ticks is he out side alot? then if so that could be the answer
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My father has seizures and they cannot figure out why.  He has a lot of other symptoms too, but his doctor ordered a lyme disease test for him, which came back negative, but I'm guessing that lyme disease may cause seizures.
Good luck.
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Just found out today my son has an abnormal eeg. Over the last month he has had SEVERE chest pains that come and go. They last 3 -6 minutes. He's crying & curled over. Most of the time he goes to the ground.  He has fainted a couple of times. He's 12 years old & a great kid. We have been to  the doctor, emergency rm & one overnight stay. Before today they were saying he has precordial catch syndrome. It didn't seem like it to me. I'm not sure what's going on? The chest pains are the worst.  And it has wakened him in his sleep. We'll see what the eeg reveals. Any thoughts?
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Is he still on the meds? What were to happen if you (with your doctors support) were to wean him off of the meds. Perhaps it is not agreeing with him

Twitching of the arm, spasms in the head can also be a type of a seizure.

Just understand that Epilepsy only means two or more seizures. You do not want to go on these drugs unless you have to. Try to find the cause and recover if possible without the drugs. They are only a bandaid.

There is some new alternative treatments for Lyme if that is in fact the cause of the seizures.

My daughters first EEG was abnormal, and the other three that she had were fine.
They certainly do not mean that you do or don't have a seizure disorder.
Here is a great article that also goes into detail about diagnosing seizures.
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