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Do I have epilepsy?

Let me just start by saying after early November I won't have medical, so any treatment to whatever I have will probably (sadly) stop after that.

I am currently 22 years old, and this started when I was about 10 or 11. My dad asked me to grab him scissors for this thing he was working on, and on my way back to him I lost my sight like tunnel vision, the sounds around me got muddled and I dropped to the ground started to shake violently for about 3-4 seconds. My dad yelled at me to get over to him, he thought I was joking around, I tried to tell him I wasn't, but he didn't believe me, so I kept all my incidences to myself from that moment on.

Everyone I've told about this just told me I got up to fast and it happens to everyone. It wasn't until I watched this show that told me when you get seizures you lose vision and sound goes away for a while.

Ever since that day something of the same sorts have been happening at least 15-30 times a year, randomly spaced within the year. This year and last they have been happening more frequently. within this week I experienced this about 4 times.

Let me describe what I usually feel: there is a dull pain in my frontal lobe. I lose my vision first, it just sort of fades until I can't see anything, then my body goes ridged, sometimes I'll just drop or sometimes I'll have enough control over my body to put down whatever I'm holding and grab onto something or fall over nicely on a couch or bed. My heart is racing and there is a little bit of pressure on my temples and pain around my eyes as if I'm straining to see. Then I begin to shake sometimes violently sometimes only a little. And sometimes I'm still able to stand, but my legs and arms twitch. I wait until my vision comes back and my limbs stop moving, then I take deep breathes to calm my heart and slowly get up and I continue on my day feeling fine, but there is sometimes that I hear a ringing in my ears for a little while after the episodes happen. These usually last about 5-15 seconds. Sometimes I can repress it, like I feel it's about to happen and I focus on my breathing, my vision blurs a little, then it goes away. I don't know if that's what I'm really doing, but it feels like I am.  

Apart of me has always suspected it was some kind of seizure, but I never wanted to really know, not until the circumstances in my life makes me want to know that I am okay, that I still have years to enjoy life. (sorry for the depression)

​I know I should see a doctor, but I just want to ask forums if they have any other advice other than seeing a doctor or if they know more about what I could possibly have.
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I get this same thing frequently and I am epileptic and wondered if it was another type of seizure.  Sadly I have yet to find a doc or person with an answer lol!! Good luck
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