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I had a grandmal seizure and has been seizure free for 12 years. Currently on 750mg of kepra and 20 mg clobazem. In august I had and episode where the left side of my body went numb, my face drooped and I was unable to speak for 2 hours. I also experienced sharp pain at the back of my left year and my skull. The hospital tests CT, ECG, EKG and bllod work showed no stroke. The neurologist said this Is this a seizure and I should increase Kepra to 1000mg per day and even higher if these symptoms happen again. I think this is issue with my nerves, what other test can be done to prove that this was not a seizure. Also was this a seizure and can it lst for 2.5 hours?
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We have no way of knowing for sure. I wish I could tell you something comforting, but I can't. It could have been an aura.
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i can kind of relate to your question.

although i had a partial seizure after each other in feb after fall in the hospital.  

i had a gcs of 3/15.  

after this i had right sised weakness similar to stroke and its still not right.

i am getting funny headaches and symptoms that i struggle to describe.

it could be that you have some kind of neuropathy or this could be a jacksonian seizure where you get one sided weakness.

good luck


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