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Epileptic seizure during ejaculation?

Hi all,

this is my first question on this forum. I have a new relationship with a guy who is now 32 years old.
We had sex for the first time last week, and it really scared me. When he orgasmed, he started convulsing really violently, lost almost all control of all his muscles. He could barely move (he was kneeing on the floor), though he did try to not hit me by accident or something by turning his torso away from me. For all I could see, most of his muscles on his arms and legs where all bunched up, at first I thought he was having a major cramp or something.
As far as I know, and as far as he told me, he is not a diagnosed epileptic, nor has he had any seizures like that before. He just told me that he experiences what his friends call "multiple ejaculations", and thus the convulsions etc. This has happened all the times we had sex so far though, all 6 of them. He admits afterwards that he is not conscious of his surroundings at that time, and that in the past he has accidentally hit a girl in the face while convulsing, though he did not remember it. He also hit his finger the other day and did not notice it until afterwards.
I am familiar with epilepsy in general from other friends etc. This looks a lot to me like he's having a fit at the time of ejaculation. He told me he is not in any pain whatsoever.
Can anyone tell me if such a thing is possible? Having an epileptic fit during ejaculation?
Is there something I can do to help him? And what's more, is it possible that he is having fits Only during ejaculation? I mean, he is hyperactive in general, and has been many times in clubs with flashing lights etc, no seizures there.
Thank you in advance for your help!
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you know it does sond like he is having seizures. Is it possible absolutley. Just because he doesnt have seizures because of lights means nothing. That just isnt a trigger to the seizures. It is very possible that because an orgasm can be so intense that it may trigger seiures for him. What you need is a neuroglogist to make sure that those are sizures. The next time it happens though you need to be careful. Alot of people after a seizure go through what they call a postictal period, which is them pretty much recovering from a seizure. They can get tired non responsive and sometimes lose their fuids in their body by peeing and bowels or also throw up. It is viatly important if in the middle of a seizure that you put his body on his side and move all dangerous odjects from around him. Time how long it last and what exactly his body does. This is also important for diagnosing if he has epilepsy and what side of the brain it may start at. Good luck and get the man to a Dr.

good luck and keep us posted.
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Thank you so much for explaining!! I will tell him to go to a neurologist, though I'm not sure if he will accept, we haven't been together for too long, so he may not listen to me. I will do my best though. I am a trained in First aids however, this was not covered. I did manage to recognise some of the symptoms, but my knowledge around epilepsy is very limited.
From what I have seen so far, the kind of seizures he has last about 2-3 minutes, and he is fully responsive afterwards. But during...It has been really scary....
I will keep your advise in mind, about positioning him on his side etc, though last time, I had a really hard time just keeping him immobile enough to not get punched in the face or anywhere else. I mean, it is really frustrating him being a lot stronger than me, and well...being naked does not help either. But now that I know more, I'll make sure to be more carefull both of him and me.
Thank you SO MUCH!! I really like this guy, and well, if he does have epilepsy, then I can accept it if he can, and help him :)
Thanks again!
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If the seizures are lasting that long you may want to think about the next time it happens calling 911. That is unsafe and especially if this is something new. He may not be ready to accept it but he should at least see what the matter is. Just encourage him kindly to see a doctor before it happens. If this goes untreated for to long it can cause serious damage to his brain. And it can also be treated with medication easily. There are cases were its harder. But first he just has to get in.
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I will tell you, as a person whose brother-in-law gets them that I know that things happen that they can't remember, he told me.  I will tell you that you might want to get him in to see someone.  Not to scare you, but a seizure can kill someone.  Calling 911 like the person above said could be a very good idea.  
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OK, thank you both for letting me know. I've already talked to him about this, and very discreetly suggested he should see a doctor. I think he is convinced to do so, he told me he will get an appointment asap. Maybe he got scared too after I told him all the details, I don't think he had ever thought about this being an epileptic seizure before. But hey, better scared than sorry, right?
I will keep you posted, hope this works out for us.
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I'm another one of them, a bit more experienced. I only have siezures when I orgasm and when I choose to. From the time of climax, every muscle in my body fires on full for 2-3 minutes, followed by a 3-4 minute unclenching and shaking period and a 30 second quiet period before the second wave hits and my body clenches up again.
I usually have 3-5 waves, lasting 15-25 minutes. I've done it for years, I stay in top physical shape, and I've learned to control it fairly well. The first wave is still involuntary, but I can control all the following waves fairly well. I don't want to see a doctor; the orgasm is visceral, bestial, and absolutely incredible.
Same goes for me. I love how they feel. I so much as get aroused & I'll start seizing. I don't bother medicating it either & self induce. The pleasure is intense. Would you be interested in speaking with me about it more?
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I am not sure whether I am having a type of seizure and am trying to get more information about what is happening to me.  Twice now after having an orgasm while still having intercourse, my pallet would start getting that weird itchy/tickly feeling, this would then change into the muscles in my face and even arms pulling funny, I find it very hard to speak, seems like eventhough my mind is clear I am unable to move my mouth and tongue to make words. My mouth also seems to go dry. This is a very weird feeling that last for quite a while.  
If anyone have more information on this please let me know.
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