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Eye issues years later

Ok so I have have been having some scary issues lately: Headaches, Head tingling, Head pressure, Nausea, Leg weakness... For like 2 weeks now. I was told its a sinus infection and given amox-clav... my whole story is in the migraine community.
Anyway, I noticed my right eye dialates more than my left eye in light... not natural light, it only seems to do it inside buildings.
Also, today I noticed that thay same eye, the eyelid seems to either droop some or is closed more; I looked at a ton of photos of myself and itlooks as though the drooping has been something I have had for years.

So... here is my question...
I have a history of childhood epilepsy. Started when i was about 12 and ended when i was around 14, since then i have gotten headaches on and off. I am 25 now.
If you have or have had a history of seizures can it leave neurological disturbances and side effects like headaches, eyelid issues or pupil differences?
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Although you had juvenile epilepsy when you were young, it can rear its ugly head again due to stress hormone change just about anything can set it off. I have not heard of epilepsy causing underlying issues after having seizures when you were younger. Since you have had migraines or headaches, this indicates a small seizure, is it on a particular part of your head or region? Do smells or light set it off or do they just happen ? The fact one of your eye pupil dialates different can be a number of things, have you had blood work done?
2nd are you seeing your gerneral Dr,? or a neurologist? One thing I would suggest is to ask to be tested for other neurological disorders. You are young so get on it asap, because if you catch a potential problem sooner the better off you will be. Do you have a family history of epilepsy, MS or other known neurological disorders ? Make sure that if you do to alert your physician. I wish I had a more diffinative answers for you. Good luck I wish you the best.
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The headaches are at my temples and around my eyes. They seem to just appear but are more pronounced after being at work or being out for a few hours. Ive been to the ER a few times in the past 2 months and blood work done each time. Everything comes back normal. I went to my PCP and she refered me to a Neurologist. My first app. with him is tomarrow.
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I have some of those same issues right now and I have epilepsy I was diagnosed at 16 I am 24 will be 25 in May. I still have petitmal seizures everyday also have grandmal seizures but usually only when I am extremely stressed out and stuff. I have bad headaches and pressure feeling in my head as well it worries me because I can't see my neurologist or my primary doctor with no insurance. My left eyelid droops and almost looks slow I have noticed it in pictures too. I don't know about my pupils but if you want to talk I am hear for you(:
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