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Is Keppra causing my 24 year old sons forgetfulness?

My son has congenital hydrocephalus and started having grand mal seizures when he was 8. He was also diagnosed with autism at age 3. In the beginning, he had one or two a year. We tried various medications, but Keppra seemed to work the best for him. Fast forward to today, he’s still having them but more frequently, every 2 months or so. He is always hospitalized for 48-72 hours as more times than not, has to be put on a ventilator. After each episode, his Dr. increases his dosage and he’s now up to 5,500 mg a day. (That amount seems almost scary!!) We’ve noticed that as his dosages increase, he’s forgetful and just doesn’t have the “umph” that he used to. He’s currently living in a private community for adults with disabilities and taking classes and he’s just stopped going, or missing the majority of them each week. He’s always been one to follow instructions (almost to a fault), never acting out, etc. so we were not understanding this at first. We, along with his counselors talked to him and he always apologizes and says he’ll do better and it just doesn’t happen. When asked, he says he forgets?? His Dr. said that it is not the Keppra but we know something is going on. We’ve made an appointment to see a new neurologist who specializes in seizure disorders but am curious to know if anyone else might have or is experiencing these symptoms.
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I had grand Mal seizures and my memory had always been horrible every since.
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