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Lack of sleep

I don't know if my Dr.s in the past are correct with the diagnois of what i have. But lately i have notice that my episodes occur when i dont get enuff sleep or if i take short naps on my days off. it use it happen early in the mornings, but now it happens when i don't get enuff sleep anytime of the day. the say naps are good for you, but i am afraid to take them if this keeps up. I guess the question is, is it possible for someone to have an episode for having lack of sleep regardless when they sleep?
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I'm not really sure what you mean by these "episodes", so I'm assuming you mean seizures. For me, I have seizures when I don't get enough sleep and from other triggers. I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes when you sleep, but how long and how good of a sleep you have. But maintaining as much of a stable sleeping pattern as possibly will likely help you, it helps me.
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Really cannot say about seizures & lack of sleep from my experience.  I quite frankly cannot remember the last time I had a seizure (probably while still working) yet since I have been retired on disability (2003) I find many, many nights when I am unable to sleep (like tonight) but do not experience any seizure activity.  I take both Phenobarbital & Depakote.  Probably you need to have a serious discussion with your Neurologist or whatever physician sees you regarding your seizures.  Maybe even a sleep study could help.  I suppose that would depend on your medical coverage though.

Hope I was of some help.

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well it is possible that other things have triggered my siezures too, like if i get stressed out to a certian point, then i cannot sleep myself, i wind up staying up later thatn i usually do, it's like my mind is on a 24 hour cycle and willnot shut down and rest. then when it does, i wind up sleeping only a few hours. i've had test done to me other than a sleep study, none of which triggered my brian to go into a seizure.
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The thing is, i have been put on almost all of known anit seizure medications, none seem tobe as effective as it should be, i beleive at one time i was close to depression while on depakot, then i met a specialist who then put me on Zonegran, it worked for a couple years or so, then i moved to Las Vegas back in 03, it started again inspite the drugs, perhaps a combonation of stress, and lack of sleep could be the cause of it all? i have every intention to seeking out help, just right now its difficult with the Economy being tight and all.
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