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does anyone know or get ssi from epilepsy?

I have been living with epilepsy for about 15 years.I do roofing and siding & all other constrution &not able to work doing what i took in school for & my wife or any of my family want me to do that no more.So does anyone know any body that gets ssi from this disease. because it is getting to rough to raise 3 kids and a wife and been turn down twice from ssi and dont know what or how i going to take care of my family.I got a lawery on it now so will have to c what happens.
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I am confused what is SSI?  Is your epilepsy not under control?  My sister has epilepsy and she has had trouble getting a job, or keeping one, since they always throw in the driving thing, and she just now got her lisence back after a few years of not having it due to seizures?
Was what you took in school related to the roofing and siding etc, are you not worried about falling off of the roof?
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Apply for disabilty not ssi I'm now on disabilty after having uncontroled seizures for 32 years best of luck
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ssi is went u cant work do to an illness or disease that prevents u from holding a reagular job. yes roofing and siding etc is what i took in school. no im not worried about falling off but my family is.my epilepsy is not under control.i cant even get my licence back till they are.i got three kid and dont know what to do i get a little bit of foodstamps and ins. but know money and struguing.
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Hi there

I'm on both SSI and disability. However, I got approved them based on psychiatric issues primarily. I'm sure that when I come up for review, the currently uncontrolled epilepsy will help me in keeping them. Don't think you're too young/old for SSDI; I got approved at the beginning of 2008 and I was 27 then. I got approved 7 weeks after I applied, so every situation is different. Personally I think that's is an anomaly since I've never heard of anyone having that short of a wait. If you do apply and get refused, make sure to appeal. I know people that have had to appeal multiple times, but they did get approved and got back pay to when it was determined they became disabled. I'm not sure how far back they will go (mine only went back a few months).

Good luck! :)
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My daughter is 14 and has been struggling with epilepsy since she was 1.It has caused lots of problems for her with learning and other things.We almost lost her twice to these seizures.She is on disability and ssi.Don't give up!!!!
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