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help this mom

my husband has epilepsy ever since he was little. he has not had one for about 5 years do you think he grow out of them or if he can? he is not taking his med in a long time and went without having one for a while just because it cost way to much.
I have two kids by him will there be a chance that my kids will have they same? when all three of them sleep they jerk and twitch in there sleep could that be a way of a small epilepsy?  

plz help me I am worried!!!
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Hello, Your husband still has epilepsy I am sorry to say. Just because he has not had a seizure in five years does not mean he is now seizure free. He will always run the risk of having them. As for your kids, the quick answer to your question is no. Just because one parent has epilepsy does not mean their children will have it. As for the jerking and twitching while they are a sleep. The only way to check if they are or are not seizures is to have a EEG done.
thank you that's helps.
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It never goes away.
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