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EBV for 5 months and only one weird symptom

I have been sick since January of this year (2017). I did alot of traveling at the start of this year and after a trip to Hawaii, I got very sick with cold and flu like symptoms for about a month. After the month passed by, I started to feel better for about a day or two. All of a sudden my throat got very very tight. Like someone constantly pressing on my neck. It got bad enough that it stopped my ability to breath easily and I had to be taken to the ER. The ER just said it was a allergic reaction and gave me some medication. Since then, I have been to several different doctors and had lots of tests done. I had blood tests with normal white blood cell count, X Ray's, CT scans, and I've been scoped. None of this found anything wrong and it wasn't until a more extensive blood test that they found very high mono antibody counts and IGg (>600). The doctors came to the conclusion of Mono EBV.

Now that I've got some background, I have a question. I see all these people on here complain that their EBV makes them tired, throat hurts, etc but I really only feel one symptom. I only feel a very swollen throat thats all. I dont get very tired, I don't have a fever (most of the time) but I can't walk to the mailbox to get mail because my neck hurts so much. I wanted to know if anyone had symptoms like this and what they did to solve it. I hate it because I can't do anything like walk far or pick up heavy things because if my neck.

Also, the neck swelling "moves" from under the Adams apple all the way to the sides of my neck on different days making me believe it's my lymph nodes swelling but the pain is bad. I didn't see alot of people with similar problems and really would like so help!

Thank you so much everyone!
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*BTW* I'm an otherwise healthy 19 year old male.
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I'm sorry you are going through this! I've been sick since August. Like you I've been through a lot of testing and the only thing they could find was EBV. I've slowly gotten over most of my symptoms and have even started jogging again (I was an avid runner before all this). The only thing I can't get rid of is this swollen feeling in my throat/neck. It feels swollen mostly down the sides from under each ear all the way down to my collar bone. I even had difficulty swallowing for a while but that has gone away. My doctor couldn't feel any lymph nodes and it doesn't "look" swollen but to me it feels swollen. It's an uncomfortable fullness. I'm obviously worried about lymphoma but I've seen my doctor so many times he thinks I'm crazy.
Yes I understand completely! I had an ultrasound done and my lymph nodes we're swollen about 1 inch or so, but no one can "see" it. Very painful and has been hard to do simple tasks. I'm going to try and do a MLB or lymphmatic drainage message to see if I can possible get the whole system moving. I also started taking alot of different immune system boosting supplements that I hope are doing so good. It's been about half a year now and I'm just looking to get better!
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