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Tingling/numbness (hemiplegia (one side of body) in extremities and face?

So, about 7 years ago I was diagnosed with mono at the age of 26. My levels of antibodies for EBV were off the charts high and remained that way even a year or so after (stopped testing at that point after I had a biopsy of the enlarged lymph node to rule out lymphoma that brought me to the doctor where they discovered mono in the first place ).

Anyway, fast forward now - I just had a baby 4.5 weeks ago and at 28 weeks pregnant, right after I laid down to go to sleep, all of the sudden the entire right side of my body, head to toe, went numb. This lasted a couple of minutes and then all sensation began returning. My high risk OB chalked it up to a migraine because I didn't present any other stroke type symptoms (no confusion, uneven smile, weakness, etc.) - I had never had a migraine, but thought maybe with the extra blood volume in pregnancy, that could be plausible. Now, a week or so ago, so 3ish weeks postpartum, I noticed numbness/tingling in my arm/hand/leg/foot, again on the right side, but it's persisted since. It's now in my face and also feel it occasionally on the left limbs. I had a brain MRI last week and the final remark was that the finding were not remarkable; however, it was interesting to me that it did note chronic sinusitis as well as mastoiditis, both of which I've read today are associated with EBV.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced tingling/numbness throughout their body that was determined to be EBV neurologically related and what the outcome was?

Thank you!
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I have what I think is a chronic herpesvirus infection (HSV or EBV, responds to Valtrex) and I have some tingling and occasionally twinging.
I got Giuliani Barr Syndrome after giving birth to my son 25 years ago.  The EBV can cause this.  That same son now was diagnosed with Cronic EBV and has had extreme fatigue, brain fog and blurry vision.  He was perfectly healthy until 10 months ago but now we don't know when it will end.
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