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Teenage Erectile Dysfunction?

Okay heres the deal, the length says it all!

I gotta big problem here, and am getting more and more concerned. Heres the story:
Was on holiday, had sex with this girl. Came back with itchy red di*k. Smelled disgusting too. Waited a  month before I went to the clinic, where they tested me and gave me pills for chlamydia aswell as a cream which would stop the inflamation, itchiness, and odour.

Took the pills and started applying the cream every morning. After say a week, there was a big difference. No more itchin, blotchy red patches were dissapearing, and smell was gettin less & less.

However when I got the test results back, the two things I was treated for (Chlamydia & Gonnorhea were negative. I was happy, no STD. But later on, when the problem became more apparent, I thought "Maybe I got a different STD?"

The thing is, when I came back, I started seeing this other girl. She was a virgin, and it took about 2-3 months before we tryed sex (I wasn't pushing her, A - because she was a virgin & B - because I didnt want to risk infecting her.

When it the time came, and we tryed I had an erection, not the hardest though. I had it in for a minute or 2 & it went soft!

I thought it was cos she was saying it really hurt and that was putting me off, but since we've tryed another 3 or 4 times and its the same every time! I just go in for a short while and I go soft (not fully soft, about a semi) Still the same and still she thinks its sore, so I've not even been able to brake her in.

Now I'm getting mega worried, its been like six months without any real sex, and add that to the fact that she's told her friends, I just feel like theres no point in me even having a co*k!

Other thing is, I'm nearly 19, have hit puberty, but I've never ejaculated on my own or in a girl. I've had wet dreams, thats it. Maybe I have no sex drive at all? I've never masturbated for hours watching porn or anything & sometimes I want to have sex with my GF but its like I know she's thinkin "why try?"

I've only had "sex" with two girls, one giving me somethin and the other jist aint happenin.

Event on my own my erections barely last.

Am I screwed forever? I mean if this is happening at this age, surely I'm pretty fuc*ed?

Other thing to note is, my GF's fat, and sometimes does repulse me, maybe thats just frustration but becos other times I think she's brilliant.

Any advice or explanations??

As I said, this would be long, so thanks for taking the time to look at my major problem.

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damn, that *****, but may not be as big of a problem as u think, i mean you have to think positive, i happin to have a problem myself, i'm 26 and have not had a fullfilling sexual experience in my life. the one thing u got  on your side is your young, and it does take practice to become skilled sexually. It sounds to me like maybe your climaxing without noticing if thats possible. You shouldn't be gay because u are getting an erection with a chick, fat, ugly, whatever, it's the vagina that u should get turned on by,and u say u are,so if your being truthful then your not gay,your std test said you are clean and healthy, so your not gay and have no stds. your able to get hard but can't hold it, they say that anxiety or nervousness could be an issue, such as a camera filming you, someone watching, or just your own insecurities about yourself(weight,appearance,penis size, or stamina) i don't however beleive in that at all. I say try oral sex and see what happins. the vagina can be quite the powerful thing, especially at your age, but hey, my advice, deal with it quickly while u have insurance or before u get older and start to mentally grow up and it becomes something bigger. theres so many creams and pills that really work for you sexual performance u will be fine. if not, don't be embarresed to tell your doctor exactlly what problem your having, these days they can fix anything,trust me. sex is very crucial to a happy and healthy life and putting that problem on the back burner is not a good idea.
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Thanks a lot man. Starting to see some light at the end'v the tunnel I guess. And the gay thing, I had some paranoid thoughts that that could be it, but to be honest theres just nothing. Going to the sexual health clinic soon. And I have actually been to the doctor, he basically batted me away, said he will arrange an appointment at the sexual health clinic as he has no experience in this. Didn't hear a word from the place, and that was about 8 weeks ago, so I'm just gonna go to the drop in service. Hope to god it gets sorted. Thanks again.
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