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Vicodin/ Norco and erection

I'm 41 years old, physically fit, have had numerous injuries over the years & live with severe chronic pain; Osteoarthritis and Tendonitis.  I've been in recovery and sober for years.   I have P.T.S.D. and have been told by doctors it's what causes my hyper-sexual ability that my girlfriend hates.  With the exception of my pain my physical/ sexual health is fine.  I don't like taking anything except vitamins, supplements for health benefit & Tylenol/Motrin for pain, but sometimes when the pain gets to the extreme I need to take a Norco or Vicodin.  I've a prescription for the 7.5-325s.  I don't take meds for my PTSD, my support groups & AA help me out a lot.  I only take just 1 pill.  And my question is;  Am I allergic to them?  Because they energize me, and my sex drive goes off the charts (& it's bad enough already), and I get massive erections every time I take just 1 pill.  Is that normal?

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Hi Sparx, Did a little reseach on drugs vicodin and norco, under norco could find nothing in side effects for sex, but under vicodin there just sai altered sex drive, and that was it, so is after taken this that you some good erections, so which one then?
Hypoglycsmic, does this mean your a diobetic?
Do you mean ejculation or orgasm, as there is a differance?
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Also it's 40-60 minutes after taking one I get an erection.  It just happens, I've no control over it at all, I can be at work or doing anything & wammo, there it is.  Also I need to add that I am Hypoglycemic & have a high metabolism.  I'm 6'1 & 150 lbs.  And I've this birth defect that baffles doctors.  My testicles go up inside my body (behind my pubic bone) when I get an erection, and they don't drop back out until I achieve an orgasm.  I've been wondering if that has something to do with it.  
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