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worried about getting pregnant

i had sex on the second day of my period and the third day the period was heavy
can i still get pregnant???????????
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If you have sex 5 days before ovulation, or 2 days after you ovulate you could become pregnant.   But that range should be 5 days before and 3 days after just to be safe.

You should learn your period and cycles... are they regular lengths or do they fluctuate?
The mucus of the cervix will change a few days after ovulation and will actually block any sperm from entering the uterus.  You can test the mucus and see the difference.  Also your body temperature will change by half a degree.  

During menstruation... there is an outflow of body fluids... but right after is when the mucus of the cervix will change to allow sperm to pass through very easily.  But even then it will still be on average 10 more days until the ovaries will release an egg.  

You should still wear a condom if you're not ready to have a kid though.  And you have to be careful because you could very well be the most sexually aroused during your ovulation time.  
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No it's impossible to get pregnant during your period.  They tell kids that because they aren't mature enough to understand that the woman goes through a cycle, most often on average 28 days in length... with ovulation occurring on the 14th day, and menstruation occurring on the first day.  Sperm live on average 2-3 days with a maximum of 5 days... and at the same time there is a outward flow of fluid which is the menstruation fluid.

You can't get pregnant.  

The rhythm method has been practiced for centuries and centuries.  
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My wife says no.
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yes you can. you can get pregnant by just having sex..condoms aren't a hundred percent, the pill isn't a hundred percent. the only thing that will prevent you from not getting pregnant is to NOT have sex. i'm not trying to sound rude, it's the facts. lol.
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